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Deus lo Vult is a board game for two to four treacherous and greedy marauders and murderers. Based on opulent European manuscripts of the 12th to 15th centuries, the game draws heavily on the military games played by the medieval aristocracy all over the world: shogi, xiangqi, chaturanga, and backgammon.

You control an army of crusaders trying to loot as much treasure from the Holy Land as possible. At the same time, you hinder the progress of other players using the mutually shared army of the Saracens.

Key Features:

  • Quick Setup (less than five minutes)
  • Language-independent game assets
  • Easy to learn, hard to master
  • Adjustable gameplay complexity
  • Shared control over enemy units
  • Unique movement and combat mechanics
  • Army building
  • Camp management
  • God-sent Divine Will events
  • Plundering-centered gameplay

Game Contents

  • Gold-Foiled Laminated Magnetic Book-Shaped Game Box (300x300x65mm)
  • Double-Sided Gold-Foiled Laminated Game Board (560 x 740 mm)
  • Double-Sided Gold Foiled Laminated Unit tokens (100 pcs), Quarter tokens (12 pcs), Amenities Tokens (12 pcs), Heroes and Special Unit tokens (24 pcs) (45x45 mm)
  • Gold-Edged Divine Will cards (48 pcs)
  • Double-Sided Gold-Foiled Laminated Camp Boards (4 pcs) (135x135mm)
  • Saracenic Coins (36 pcs)
  • Plastic Organizer


Click on the button below to download the printable .pdf file containing Crusaders and Saracens unit tokens, City Quarter tokens, game board with camps, and a separate Purgatory board. Print them, cut them, laminate them with a cardboard box pieces and Deus Lo Vult yourselves into the end of the quarantine!

The downloadable archive will also contain your special edition Rulebook .pdf file. It’s the light version of the original Duel Rulebook.



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